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Finding work? More like getting none!

I have nearly finished my connects and every proposal i've managed to write putting effort into is met with nothing. So many times and i'm just a beginner though i've read the books proposed to me by YouTube Upworkers and Dan Lok. I really need this to actually work! *sad noises*

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Your profile needs to be completely re-written, focusing on your experience and your expertise.  Initially, the client only sees the first two lines of your profile (also true for your proposal).  Use those two lines to highlight your expertise and make the client want to read more.


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Hi, I am also new here, so I don't know much and I also have wasted my connects without getting anything. Then I managed to derive one of my clients to Upwork and hiring me here instead of the place I used to work for his future work.
So, I think it will be a bonus for you if you can manage to get some clients through marketing your skills. 
And, your profile description is not clear. Why would you put a sample of your work on description? A description is to describe your skills, and the portfolio can showcase your work. Rewrite your profile, make it more professional, focus your skills and then try. hope you will succeed. Thanks

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@ Toluwanimi --


I would like to offer helpful advice, but for some reason your Profile is private. Others here have suggested that you need to work on the quality of the writing in your Profile. I do notice that the writing in your post (here) could use some work (meaning is not clear at points and sentences are run-on). Of course, no one expects a Forum posting to be your best work; your Profile would give us a better idea of your writing at its most polished.

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