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Finished first per hour job how to i finalize it, to get money and get feedback.

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I have just finished my first per hour job. Both the outsourser and me agree on the price and he is delighted with my work. as it is my first job and I have heard you can lose points on you job score if you cancel the contract. I know that he will give me 5 star feedback and more than the money (all though that would be nice) I would like to finalize it so I can get that feedback against my name for more work.


Thanks in advance for your help




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Nicholas,


Congrats on your first job on Upwork. You'll receive payment for the hours you tracked this week two weeks from now, in accordance with our weekly billing cycle. Note however that you do need to use the Upwork desktop app to record your work if you wish your payment to be covered by Upwork Hourly Payment Protection.


Communicate with your client and ask them to end your contract if they don't have more work for you at the moment, in order to complete a successful collaboration with them.


Please go through these resources in order to familiarize yourself with Upwork processes and let me know if you have any questions.


Awesome thanks Vladamir!

re: " I know that he will give me 5 star feedback"

I wish you well as you start out here, but that is not appropriate.


Feedback is not something to be bartered with. You risk running afoul of feèdback manipulation rules, and could find yourself under review or suspended.


Do a great job for your clients and let the feedback take care of itself.


Do not haggle over feedback scores or make agreements on that subject.


Of course, if what you REALLY meant was: "I worked hard to do a great job for this client and I am confident the feedback will be positive."


...then that is okay.