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Finished job doesn't shows on "Work History and Feedback"

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Shihab-Ul H Member Since: Aug 20, 2016
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Hi, I already had created a thread on this metter on 04-13-2017. One honorable modarator had said "Since you logged the hours this week, the client hasn't yet been charged for them. Once the client is billed and charged for the hours you logged this week according to the Weekly Billing Cycle, the hours and feedback will reflect on your profile." 


But this is 04-22-2017 & It seems that the client has already been charged & the review time for the client already has been expired on last Friday. But yet the job doesn't shows on my Work History. Now what?


Another thing I want to include that the feedback shows on client's Work History and feedback from last few days ago.



Shihab-Ul H.