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First Client Questions - Agreements



I have a prospective client that has sent over an agreement. It looks a little thin to me and given all of the scammers out there, thought I'd ask the following:


1) In your opinion does this appear to be a scam?

2) Can I send my own agreement?

3) This dollar figure isn't what was outlined for the role in the gig posting - how do I ensure I'm paid according to an agreement? 

3) Once signed, how do I ensure I'm paid for the work? I've heard stories of people doing a week's worth of work and never being paid.



For context - this client hasn't purchased services on Upwork in the past. Also, they avoid video calls and only want to communicate in written word via Upwork - that seems a little sus to me but I've also read that it may be common for 1st time Upwork clients.


Thanks in advance for your thoughts and feedback. 


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1 Look like. 

You need Upwork contract to start works. No more "agreements" is necessary.

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