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First Client, but they haven't official hired me. Wants me to send a contract via email.

Hey all,


This is my first Upwork job. I sent a client a proposal last night, and they contacted me via email. (Which is fine, since I provided it. I like email.)


I sent a quick sketch of the concept they wanted and they agreed to hire me. The asked if I could send a contract.


I replied and said I would be happy to send a contract, and asked if they could also please log into Upwork and officiall hire me for the job, and I would get started.


I got a reply providing me with the information I need to send a contract, and some further instructions for the job. But, no official Upwork hire yet. Should I give it time before asking again for them to update the Upwork job posting, before I get started? I want this to go smoothly and be very transparent - no slippery slope work.


TYIA, Rachel

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Dont start the project till they award the job in Upwork.

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Dont start the project till they award the job in Upwork.

Ramesh K

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The client needs to send you an offer which, once accepted, becomes a contract. You can share this help article with detailed instructions for how to send an offer with the client.

~ Valeria

Great. I emailed the client and let them know how we should proceed.

Thank you for helping with this!



To be on safe side, do not provide your e-mail and take your coversation private during initial phases (I have done it but ONLY after I was hired when they have to send me stuff).  I believe it is also prohibited to give out e-mails during proposal phase - it may appear that you want to by pass Upwork and cut a deal with the client (many freelancers on Upwork do that).  Second, send messages via Up work.  They will get an e-mail,  Third, what I have done is to draft a contract that I will do such and such for $$ then ask the client to send you an offer with your contract.

Prashant, I have always given out my email during the interview phase.  The Upwork platform goes through periods of instability.  I have a gmail account that I use for potential client discussions to protect my personal email.  It certainly is NOT prohibited.


Okay - I emailed the client and let them know we needed to move the discussion to Upwork.


They emailed back and said that they had initiated the hire, but there's been no change on my end. The project hasn't been updated. They also started talking about design revisions to the sketch I sent.


I can't figure out how to initiate a converstation with them here on Upwork, and I'm not going to proceed with any more work until they take the necessary steps. Is there a way I can message them?


Thanks again

😄 It worked out! My client hired me and even created some milestones for me, with money already in escrow for the sketch I did. 


Hooray! Thank you everyone for helping out.


BTW, the project is super fun - check it out!


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