First Transcription Job on Upwork

Hi All,


Quick question, I just accpeted my first transcription offer on Upwork.
Will the client email me the audio file or do i find it somewhere on Upwork? 

The client wants the job done asap however im sitting here waiting for the file.... so now I'm not sure if they should send it or its waiting somewhere on the Upwork site for me.

I have done a little search around but i can't find anything. Any help will be much appreciated.

** Sorry.... new to Upwork and still learning how it functions **   




Before you start work  has your client set up a formal contract through Upwork - either as a fixed-rate job or hourly with the tracker turned on?


If so, make sure that the client's payment method is verified, and that, if you have agreed to a fixed-rate job, the milestone is funded with the full payment for the job nto escrow. 

I have accepted a contract / offer and i only apply to 'payment verified' clients as the non verified ones i have come across are unreliable or scammers. 

The milestion says it is funded so i think it should be good in that respect.

Now im just not sure about the audio file, does the client send it to me?
I thought i will ask here quickly before i ask the client.

you should ask your client

This has happened to me a couple of times, and when I had waited a few days, I told the client and that work was backing up and that I would not be able to meet their deadline, unless I received the work.


But if a client sets a milestone and never produces the work, after a while, Upwork intervenes and you have to go through all the steps of either refunding the money (or not). In this case if neither client nor freelancer responds, then Upwork automatically refunds the client - and because it was a contract, the client can still leave private feedback, even if no work was done.

I would never accept a fixed-price contract for a "create database loader tool" project to upload an Excel file without actually receiving the Excel file first.


Similarly, I would think it unwise to accept a transcription contract without receiving the audio file first.


What are you going to do if you never receive the file?

What will you do if the file format is one that you can't open, and the client is upset because 3 other freelancers he works with have no problem with that format?

What will you do if the speaker in the audio file speaks twice normal speed, and your workload is thus doubled?

Or if the background has so much ambient noise that it takes you twice as long to transcribe the audio?

True. Reliable clients always make you check out the file/website/workload before offering a contract.