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First Upwork Job Help


I've just gotten started with Upwork a couple of days ago. I've sent out a lot of proposals, but according to the qualifications on the listings, it seems that you have to have gotten a job or two before to be able to get a job. Any advice? I'm mostly looking for editing/proofreading work.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Rebecca,


Welcome to Upwork! Make sure your proposal is well written and that you're absolutely qualified and certain of your ability to complete the job you're applying for. You may want to consider checking out these helpful blog articles to help you write winning proposals, improve your profile and tips on how to be successful on Upwork. You can update your profile and edit your profile overview, expand it with your new skills and experiences. Take a few tests and add some portfolio items to showcase the new skills you have acquired. Also, check these safety tips and report if you receive any of the offers mentioned in the thread, which are in violation of Upwork ToS. Feel free to reach out if you need further assistance. 

~ Bojan

I'm kind of in the same boat. Just looking for that first break

There are NO bad animals, only bad owners


is your profile public?

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Hi and welcome to Upwork, when I was first getting started, I would create jobs for myself to use as portfolio pieces. I would think of a job I would like to get and just do a project based on that, or I would look at the job listings and if I saw a job I liked,I would pretend I had that job and create what I would create for that job. I logged in on the platform several times a day and tinkered with my profile and portfolio until it was just how I liked it. Then, I just was very patient and little by little it has been building for me. The important things for me were to keep busy, build my skills and not worry. If you are good at what you do and communicate well and professionally, the jobs will come. Best of luck!

I was thinking about doing this myself.  I think I will!


Hi Rebecca,

You said that you have just started!

Meanwhile, I can advise you to read and mostly “proofread” the blogs suggested by the moderator. It could be a way to have an idea about how to be successful on Upwork, and at the same time to test your skills.

“Those blogs are well written and I am quite sure that you can’t find what to edit when you proofread them”.

Good luck,

"Those blogs are well written[,] and I am quite sure that you can’t find what to edit when you proofread them”.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. 😉

I said blogs are well written not my poor comments.

But, that's a good beginning !

Smiley Wink