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First client gives me 1 star after small mistake and doesn't pay fully for the project.

I just finished my first freelancing experience in Upwork.

I submitted to my client a preview of my program a few times and testing it, asking for his feedback. At the time when he deemed it was good enough and wanted to try it out himself, we had a small problem while transferring the files.

I sent him an installer for the program and he asked for the source code, so I sent it to him as a rar file which he couldn't open for some reason. So as a last resort, I sent him the github link I had made previously, before the start of the transaction(wanted to find projects even if not paid and used by a client just for my portfolio) I forgot to update it before sending it to him so when he got it, it wasn't running. It took him a bit more than an hour before he started complaining how the code doesn't do anything and it took me another hour or so to reply to him. He started calling my work useless(arguably so) to which I told him I forgot to update it and I had just done so when I finished updating the repository, he started not replying to my messages for a day.

On the day of the deadline itself(24 hours after I sent my code), I asked for the payment to which he replied with "I already did it myself, here's the code, learn to code better" to which it was eerily familiar with mine, just refactored better.

He paid for 50% of the price(he split it up, 50% for code, 50% for revision), never paid for the revision part and only said "sorry try ur luck next time" and cancelled the contract saying "I never did the work, and it never worked". Left a 1 star review on my profile, so I reported it to upwork and still no reply.

I need help on how to approach this situation and fix it up since it's the first review I've gotten and I don't want my reputation ruined just because of it.

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1. Upwork does not interfere in matters that are between client and freelancer.

2. From your account, this job went really badly. It's always a problem when the client finishes the job for the freelancer.

3. I would not even have taken any money for this, let alone complain about only getting half. 

4. To make the feedback and the job disappear, you need to refund the full amount. I would definitely do it, since this is about the worst start you can have and with this on your profile, your upwork career does not look good. 

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