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First client unfair review

I have been in Upwork for the past few months and I was excited that I finally got my first client after many proposals were sent.The things where going smoothly with the client and doing the tasks I was assigned to do. At the beginning of this  week I clock in as normal to start my day, by midday without further notice the client revoke my access to the tools  and just fired me saying it is not going to work for us best of luck. They didnt gave me the reason of the decision although I asked them , they did not answer a few moments later they just ended the contract.One day before the client sent mea dispute saying that I logged excessive hours on upwork , when actually the son of the client which was our boss told us  he would be adjusting the hours the we manually a thing he never did and what at least I think was the whole misunderstanding as a result she gave me  a really bad first review. What can I do now  , can it  still be possible to get jobs ?and get back on track?

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This sounds like a situation of lack of knowledge about upwork. 

1. Always use the timetracker. The client can see what you are doing. 

2. Manual hours - you either worked them or you don't. You don't input any to be adjusted later.

3. The client can't change manual hours, only the freelancer can, and a short time after the work-week has ended.


The client had no other option that file a dispute afterwards to get the hours reduced, which seemingly was for some reason what you agreed to. 

This could have been avoided by doing things correctly. 

Try to get as many jobs as possible before you get a JSS. I have no idea if it's possible or not. 

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Did you log excessive hours, or not?

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First: So long as you used the time tracker and all communications (for example, that promise given by the client) were exchanged on the Upwork platform, you should be able to still get paid. If you haven't gotten paid, I would issue a dispute about that and ask for Upwork's help. 

Secondly: I don't think that a client is under any obligation to continue working with you if they don't think it's going to be a good ongoing fit. I think they can terminate you at-will if it's an hourly contract. They still need to pay you for the work you completed, but I don't think they are obligated to continue to work with you. 

Thirdly, Upwork has a process for removing unwanted/negative feedback:  https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/articles/219801228-Feedback-Removal 

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