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First steps

Hi! My name is Sebastian, I'm starting in Upwork... I studied fine arts and I made designs and digital works too... I would like to know if my profile is good or not https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~014570adcabff9bb19 

and yesterday some person started a contract with me to do some work but a couple of hours later she ended the contract... she excused and said she is going to back at the end of the week with this work and she wanted the refund... I would like to know if that situation affect my reputation and the possibilitie to find jobs, thanks

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Hi, Sebastian


The cancelled contract shouldn't affect your reputation too much. And the more you work, the less things like that will matter. 


As far as your profile goes, it would be good to fix it up a bit. I see you're talking about what you can do, but the client is going to want to know how that will help them. How will what you do make their lives easier? What kinds of projects can you create for them? Those are the kinds of things that will interest potential clients. 


Hope this helps!

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