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Form Builder and Text Blocks

Dear Friends,

I need help with a couple of things.

1. Is there a way I can build a form (whithin the Upwork interface) and give a link, or access in some way to this form to buyers so that they can provide me with information that I will eventually see in the chat, or somewhere else. Every time I have to perform a service, I need to gather some information from the buyer: name, address, graphic files, dates, selection of categories, and in my system I provide a form with titles to each form field, and also direction, under the title,  for the user to enter the right info in the form field. So, I was wondering if there is an app or something of this sort that can help me in such direction.

2. Is there a way to create, store, and use (insert in the chat text box) strings of text, or blocks of text for the purpose of informing the buyer, and delivering the services?

Thank you very much.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Andrea, 

Unfortunately, both services that you have inquired about are not available on Upwork. However, I would like to share that in the Messages page, you can save personal notes that you have on a certain contract/client by clicking on the notebook icon as shown below. While this isn't the service that you are looking for, hopefully it could help you in the meantime.


Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 2.33.36 PM.png

~ Avery
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