Fraud from my first job

I joined upwork early this year and submitted several proposals for jobs I was eligible. I was contacted via messages by a publishing company who wanted data entry work and they gave me their email address to contact them. I emailed them and they told me to show my commitment for the job, I needed to pay a security fee. I didn't see any red flag as I didn't think there were any fraudsters in Upwork. They sent me the job which I completed and emailed to them and since January 31st, I have never been paid.


I decided to do my research on the upwork website and realised so long as I am not offered a job on upwork, I should not start working on it. Also, I should not accept communication outside upwork platform. 


I have learnt the hard way and went ahead to notice that the company has several accounts on upwork. I have flagged them as inappropriate. I have accepted that I will not get my payment but I hope upwork will suspend the accounts before any other person falls into their trap.






Sorry to hear about the first job. But is very important for you to read the Upwork Guidelines. You should only and only work on upwork and ask the client to award the job to you and then ask him to fund the milestone payment as wll so that your payment is secure . Then you should understand the clients requirement and start the work and deliver it as per the deadline .


All the best for your next job!


Thanks. I have learnt the hard way. 

Furthermore, always be suspicious of employers asking for security deposits to show your commitment.

This is nonsense at the biggest BS level.

Either way, sorry to hear about your bad experience. As long as you're willing to learn, Upwork can be a great place for you to earn and work like a boss.


Welcome and wishing you a better journey ahead!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Mutono,


I'm sorry about your bad experience, I see you weren't hired on Upwork and the client has been removed from the platform in January. Please make sure never to pay in order to get hired or start working on a job, and note that all payments have to be processed through Upwork. You should start working only once a contract is created on Upwork and displayed under your My Jobs tab, and make sure to use our Payment Protection programs on your contracts. I strongly advise you to review the resources we shared here, especially threads listed in the Safety First section before submitting new proposals.


Mutono has a great, positive attitude and I think she will be very successful here as a freelancer. I appreciate her willingness to help others here in the Upwork community.


Was this through PayPal? You can probably get your money back and then report the PayPal address for fraud.

Yes, it was through Paypal. Thank you for this. Let me try and see if I will be able to get the money back.

Let us know if you do. I'm pretty sure you will.