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Jaime S Member Since: Nov 16, 2016
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How can I tell if a job is legit. I was told to create a "hangouts" acct for an interview. The interviewer asked some questions regarding banking. I was then told I would need to purchase $300 worth of software and they would provide the computer. When I told him I could not absorb this cost, he said that was fine. then why ask?




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Attiq A Member Since: Oct 29, 2016
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Hello Jaime,

If you're worried about the payment then you should study Upwork's payment protection for fixed price and hourly projects. And don't forget checking the payment verification and the feedback of freelancers about the client. And I would recommend not to buy any kind of software because it's totally fake.


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Jaime S Member Since: Nov 16, 2016
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Thanks Attiq,


I did log on the the Upwork site and noticed that their payment verification was not complete or "verfied", while at the same time talking to this person.


I have learned a lot today Smiley Happy.



Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Jaime,


It's against Upwork ToS to offer or accept payments outside of the platform for any reasons. What you describe sounds like a common scam and I'll make sure it's reviewed and actions are taken. Please, check these two posts to make sure you get to a successful and safe start on Upwork:


Getting Started on Upwork


Tips to Avoid Questionable Jobs

~ Valeria
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Jaime S Member Since: Nov 16, 2016
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Thanks Valeria,


I asked him if he was paying for work through the Upwork site. He replied yes but then the conversation got odd and he asked me if I had a Walmart nearby where I could purchase computer checks. My other alarms went off. I told him twice I could not and would not purchase software, that that should come with the laptop provided by the company. In addition, he asked me for the name of my bank to make sure it was on their list of banks they work with. I told him to give me the names of the banks they work with for direct deposit and I would open up a checking account there. He steered away from ever answering that question....another red flag.



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Andrew P Member Since: Apr 3, 2017
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I received this request for an interview: a total fraud scheme.  I am very annoyed that your service doesn't screen for such fraudsters.  Andrew


Good day,
You have been selected by the *** Edited for Community Guidelines*** online HR board, after a brief review of your resume which was posted on (, You have been scheduled for an online interview.

THE POSITIONS AVAILABLE ARE : Data Entry,Office Assist,Admin Clerk,Front Desk,Sales Manager,Auditing,Book keeping,Customer Care,caregiver,Payroll Clerk,Dispatcher, Typist Clerk,Program Manager,Receptionist and Front desk, Human Resources Manager, Typist Clerk, and you will Earn $45 per hour and $25 per hour during your two week training.

You are to create a Gmail Google Hangout ID and you are required to add*** Edited for Community Guidelines***  one of the Company's HR agent on hangout via*** Edited for Community Guidelines***  to proceed further with more on the Job briefings and interview.

Doing this will enable you proceed further with the interview and getting more information and updates about the Company and the Job position....Also you can reply back for more help and assistance on how to proceed further.Thank you..

*** Edited for Community Guidelines*** 

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Lena E Community Manager Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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Hi Andrew,


If you haven't already please report the job you found to Customer Support, so that the team can investigate and remove if necessary. 



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Oreofe J Member Since: May 8, 2015
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 This is not legit. Your instincts are right so there is no point in taking the discussion further with the interviewer. You might want to flag the job and report it in case other freelancers are being interviewed. Service providers provides services which are purchased by the client. Now when a service provider is asked to part with some money, that means the red flags should go up.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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As soon as you heard the client ask you to use "Google Hangouts" for an interview, you should have stopped communicating and stopped wasting your time with that person.


Real clients on Upwork are not inviting newbies to interview for jobs using Google Hangouts. Only scammers do that.

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Jaime S Member Since: Nov 16, 2016
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Thanks so much for responding!