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Free freelancer account and finished connections

Hi to everyone!

I have a freelance Upwork account and I am on this platform from 2016, but I started to use it just on January 2018.

I've submitted lots of proposals this month and I've finshed my connections the 30th.


When will I receive the monthly 60 new connections for my free account?

On the 28th of February?


If I would apply for job offers, how could I do it since I do not have any connections? Do I have to pay? How does it work?

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Diana,

You will receive new connects when the new cycle starts, you can check this by going to Settings > Membership & Connects > Billing cycle at the bottom of the page.
Or if you would like to purchase connects you will need to upgrade to our Plus membership plan, to learn more about this check out Membership Plans: Basic & Plus.

~ Goran
Community Member

Hi Diana,


My first advice is not to waste your connects as you may well be banned for applying to too many jobs and not getting any. Be very picky about the jobs., choose the ones you can do very well. Pay attention to the client's hire rate, if it's lower than 70% I would think twice before applying.

However, you get your connects once in a month. To see when is your billing cycle go to Settings, then Membership and Connects, Current Billing Cycle.

You can also buy connects, $1/connect, or go for Plus membership which will give you 70 connects instead of 60 every month, and other benefits for $10/month



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