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Freelance Plus

I want to upgrade my account to Freelancer Plus hoping that it will help me land more jobs, however, my bank is still fixing the security features of my debit card for online purchases, so I am not allowed to use it or register it online. Now my question is if this is my first time to upgrade my account is it possible to pay using my available balance? My PayPal is linked to my bank account but I am not sure if Upwork will allow me to use my bank account to pay the upgrade? Thank you 

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Hello Anne,


You may use Debit, Credit Cards, and PayPal to pay for your membership plan. Please click this link for more information. Thank you.

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You are top-rated, very inexpensive, and have an admirable work history. Upgrading might get you more connects, but it is unlikely to influence a client's hiring decision. The clients for whom you want to work care about your profile and work history. I wouldn't worry about it. Few clients understand the various membership programs, and those who do understand, mostly don't care.


I get hired based on an interview, which results from a response that shows I know what I'm doing. I'm a Basic Member, and my JSS is probably near zero. The clients with whom I want to work don't care.

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