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Freelancer has no Second or Last Name


If the Freelancer have no Second or Last name then how to register on Odesk as Odesk doesnot permit that the Last name field should left blank.

My Name is Rabia and having no last name, so I registered on Odesk as Rabia Rabia so is it Ok and will I be able to get payment via Bank Account as my Bank account Title is Rabia,


Please help me with this issue wether it is Ok or not. If not Ok what is best possible solution for this to get the payment in Bank Account.


Looking forward


I am facing the same problem with my account title consists of only single name but here i am bound to write last name too which i haven't shows this error help me please Smiley Sad

Payment method verification in progress
Your payment method has been deactivated because the beneficiary name on your payment method does not match the name on your Upwork account.
Please visit our FAQ page for additional information.

Hi Anju,


Thanks for reaching out to us. You can go to Settings > Contact info and under the 'Account' section, request a name change. You can use your formal salutation in the First Name field so the system would know you as Mr. or Ms./Mrs. Anju. Once you do that, our team can review your name change request and notify you about it. You can check out this help article for more information.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
I seemed to have this problem too. I only have one name which is Marilyn. I tried to input my name as Marilyn Marilyn, but upwork won't let me withdraw my payment because "invalid beneficiary name". What is the correct way to input upwork acc name for people who only have one name? Please help me, thank you

Hi Marilyn,


In cases like this we suggest a user to use a formal salutation in the first name field (like Mr., Mrs, Ms.) and their name in the last name field. That would be unlikely to cause issues with adding your bank account. Thank you.

~ Goran

hi, My name is Faisal. I'm Mononymous. but at the time of account creation upwork ask me to put both first and last name, so i put my name in both inputs. so i want to change my name.

Hi Faisal,


Please refer to the instructions I`ve shared in my previous post here, thank you.

~ Goran