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Freelancer looking for a job in my area.

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Jennifer R Member Since: Sep 15, 2017
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Christine B wrote:

Martina, I edited my post up above if you would not mind taking a look at it.  I am not sure if edits show up in messages as new posts, so wanted to be sure that you saw my edit.  On that
note, would you please let me know if edits do appear?  Thank you.

Your nationality or where you use to live in the past is irrelevant.
You need to consider 2 things:
Your country of residence, which is where you pay your taxes. Does that country allow you to work? There might be reasons you are not allowed to work (parental leave, sick leave, student visa but no work visa etc)

When you are staying in another country additional conditions might apply e.g. you need a special work permit there as well. When you planning to travel for a longer period this is something to find out first.

Upwork does not connect you with employers but clients. As a freelancer you can basically work with clients from all over the world but some countries have other restriction and might not allow you to work with clients from certain countries.That is something you need to find out for yourself.