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Freelancing 101 on Upwork


Freelancing is hard work, not a quick fix to an urgent situation… you need to do your homework before applying to jobs.


  • By signing up, freelancers agree to comply to certain rules. (Terms of Service or ToS)
  • Learn about those rules.
  • Being « New to Upwork » does not exempt freelancers from complying to these rules as all the information is available to them.


  1. After creating your new account : DO YOUR HOMEWORK
    • Start learning how the platform works (BROWSE the website thoroughly and read other articles, posts, etc…
    • Use SEARCH features to see what was already written on the subjects.
      • Terms of service
      • Profile details
      • Account settings
      • Payment methods
      • Payment schedule
      • Fees
      • JSS
      • Hourly vs Fixed-price contract
      • Protections
      • How to stay safe
      • Notifications
      • Refunds
      • Support
      • Applying for jobs
      • Type of unsafe jobs (scams)
      • Etc…
    • Take the Readiness Test
    • Work on your profile to make it appealing to serious clients, for jobs you are qualified for. A lot of information is available. Look for it.


  1. If you don’t want to encounter any problems with your account, the following is a good head-start :


  • Do not communicate outside of Upwork by email/text/Whatsapp/Telegram/Skype or other third-party means
  • Apply to jobs only through Upwork
  • Only work if you are officially hired on Upwork
  • Do not accept payment outside of Upwork (PayPal, etc…)
  • Do not send any money to clients
  • Do not provide/offer free samples of work
  • Do not create duplicate account


Keep in mind most scams can be avoided by not communicating outside of Upwork, either from job post or invitation to interview.



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