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Friend's account suspended | Unable to access support page as well

I recently introduced Upwork platform to my friend and she has completed two jobs with good rating. Recently, her account got suspended and reason stating that skills are not needed for the platform. Why is she receiving this message AFTER 2 jobs are completed? She tried to contact Upwork support but that page keeps redirecting her to the home page.


Her account url:

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Hello Senguttuvan,


I'm sorry to hear that your friend's account was suspended. You may tell her to please check her email inbox to see our team's email regarding her suspension. Thank you.


Hi Ryan,


She received a message stating that her profile is not suitable for Upwork platform AFTER she has done 2 jobs with a positive review. Even in suspense case, she did not have the choice to submit her way of concern to Upwork team. Accessing support.upwork.com takes her to the home page, making it impossible for her to raise her concern and hence I'm posting it here.



Hi Senguttuvan,

When a user's account has a suspension or hold, we send a notification via email to the user about the status of their account. Please advise her to reply to the email she received from us with any questions, we won't be able to share details about another person's account here in the community. Thank you for understanding.

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