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I am an amazon dropshipper.A client is asking me  that I want to check your expertise so find 3 profitable products and provide me that so i will check your expertise. I have dought on the client that he wants to get his/her work free.So what i have to do. provide only one finded? this will be okay or tell me what can i do?

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Don't do anything for the client until they set up a contract so that you can get paid for working for them.



Peter is right.

Don't do ANYTHING for this client.


If this is a real client, then he will HIRE you with an official Upwork contract before you do anything.


A REAL client will HIRE you with an official Upwork contract so that he can pay you while he checks your expertise.


A SCAMMER will lie and say he is "checking expertise," but really he is just tricking you into working for free. That sort of scammer is NEVER GOING to pay you money no matter what.


So you should pick between these options:

- Do nothing at all

- Get hired and get paid

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