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Get Profile Feedback from Experienced Freelancers on Upwork

Hi Community!


Getting started on Upwork can take a lot of work and focus. To help make this process a little easier, we’ve created this post where you can request feedback on your profile. The community is full of experienced Upwork freelancers who are passionate about helping others. These users will review your profile and provide feedback based on their experience.


If you’re interested in requesting help, make sure your profile visibility is not set to “Private” and then reply below. 


We’re excited to see how Community members can continue to help each other to grow!


Note: A previous version of this post was as the number of responses made it difficult to read and navigate. If you had not received a response yet to a request you made, please post again in this thread.

Mike J.
Content Program Manager, Community
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Would you please take a look at my profile and suggest some improvements? 

Hi Delway, you are Top Rated, I would say you are doing great. Your profile looks good. Might need you at some point! 

Karen M wrote:

Hi Delway, you are Top Rated, I would say you are doing great. Your profile looks good. Might need you at some point! 

Hello Karen,


Thank you for taking the time to review my profile.

Let me know whenever you need my service, I would be more than happy to help.





Hi Karen M,

Could you please review my profile and give feedback. 

Hello Karen,

Could you please help me take a look at my profile please.

Hello I am new to Upwork. I would appreciate a profile review so i can start getting some work. When i started of the proposals i won were mostly from scammers, i would like to learn more about what i can do to achieve a good standing out profile.


Can you please check mine 





Hard to say. I don't know what a stack developer does. Anyway, in your first sentence "wan" is not a word. You want "want to" not "wan."


At the bottom you want "speaks to," with an "s" at the end of speak(s).

Hello Anthony.

Could you please check my profile? I have submitted some proposals but no answer. Maybe it is because I am new here. Or maybe there is smth wrong on my profile. 

Hello Nigina,


When I reviewed your profile, my first impression was that you started each sentence with "I".  It's a very direct approach, though (in my opinion) you could change the structure a little and add more details.


For example.  Your profile currently says: "I am an experienced ESL teacher. I also have experience in managing and leading. My writing is perfect in Russian and English languages. I write resumes, letters, essays and articles fluently. I can edit English and Russian texts. I can use Microsoft office programs fluently."


Here are some areas that you could expand on to add more context to who you are and what you specialize in as well as why somebody might hire you.

  • How long have you been an ESL teacher?  How many years?
  • What type of managing and leading do you specifically have?
  • Do you have any certificates or writing examples you could share in your porfolio, such as examples of resumes, letters or essays?
  • When translating from English to Russian texts, do you have any examples of your work?  
  • Which Microsoft Office programs and versions are you most fluent with and how long have you been using them and for what reason or in what type of setting?

Those are just a few things I thought I might be able to help you out with.  I'm new here too and wish you the best of luck on your UpWork adventure.


Kindest Regards,



Hello, I'm new to Upwork. Could you please help me go through my profile? I need your feedback. Thank you.

Hello Anthony,

i am not changing my profile visibility also my current profile visibility is private

please check




Hello Upwork community, I want some sort of suggestion. My profile is not ranking, I will complete my profile 100% and also optimize it. I will send a lot of proposals and still not get any job. Can you please check my profile and give me some suggestions on how can improve things more. I will be waiting for your response.

Hey! Can you please check my profile and let me know how can I improve it further.? 


Thanks in advance 

looks very legit and professional, nothing to add, try working on the cover letter. good luck



pardon my writing with one thumb ... I'm not very good at that. However, I can say with confidence that I have read a few hundred profiles and have yet to see one as convincing or elegant as yours. 

I recommend you raise your rate right away. It's an expression of confidence and an Upwork profile has very few chances to express confidence, which is paramount for digital marketing (given you never meet your online clients face to face and if you're not confident why would they be?). 


I have other thoughts to share, about freelancing, but as far as your profile goes, that's as far as we go on just one thumb. 

Bottom line: I'm very impressed. 




Hello Anthony, please kindly check out my profile and give me your point of improvement.

Thank you very much.


Anthony, I really like your specific analysis of the details of the profiles! Thank you for working so hard! I was very glad to your opinion about my profile. I just came to Upwork.

Hello Antonio!


Thanks for this initiative!


It would help me a lot if you could take a look at my profile and suggest some improvements.


I work very hard every day sending proposals for months and I have only achieved a small job.




Thank you very much!
Gil Chaida.

Hello Anthony


Can you kindly look at my profile? I sent several proposals, but they did not work.

I hope you can give me some suggestions to improve my chances of getting selected.




Hello Anthony, May I ask a favor to critique my profile please, so I would know how to optimize it. Thank you in advance. https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01ffd31d360160f4fa


Can you please suggest some improvements 

Hello sir,

Can you please go through my profile & give suggestions to build a stronger one.

How to create a strong profile in upwork.

  • Hi Anthony, can you just spend a few minutes on my profile and share your feedback please?





Kindly check through my profile if it needs more improvement. 


Thank you.


This is easy: What are you selling?  You never say. You say you are a bookkeeper, accuntant. But then you stop. 

Imagine a movie camera is following you around. It films what you are doing. Now tell us what is on that film.


It would be something like, "I balance your books  ..." or "I manage your payroll ..." or "I audit your business ..." or "I make sure  you don't  bounce any checks ..." or "I keep you safe from acruing regulatory fees and taxes ..."


What is it that you actually do? That is the service you are selling. 


Doing that service fixes a problem that your clients have. Have they been bouncing checks? Have they been paying unnecessary fees? Have they been getting their payroll done late? What are the problems they have?

That's about all you need. You say "I am an expert at ______ who can solve your problem of ____." 

Fill in those  blanks. Write a half dozen sentences like that. It's ok to say "I solve this problem so you can sleep well at night without having to worry about your payroll." Be real with your clients. They have real problems. Name these problems and tell them that you are a great choice for getting those problems solved.

Sir can you please check my profile and given me some tips to improve my profile so i can get projects and gained some experience on Upwork

Hello all I wrote agin to the community a month ago.

I asked for some advice about my profile.

Here is the link


I folowed the suggestions but still I can not get any job.

Could I send you my applicationto a job to see if I structured correct?

Thanks in advance.


Hi there,


As i was new to upwork, can you please check my profile and let me known if any mistakes regarding the bio?

I am new freelancer it becomes very hard to get my first job please help me.

Hi anthony


How doing well.!


Can you lookout my profile and suggest me if anything better to improve myself.?


(Jaydeep L. - Sourcing agent I Mechanical design I Industrial design - Upwork Freelancer from Ahmedab...)


Thank you


Please check my profile.



Since you are doing well with great reviews, what you need is a boost.

Take your two best reviews and copy them and paste them up at the top of your write up, so they are the first thing people see when going to your profile.

Then take out the first sentence in which you say "Hi. I am Anis ____" and you give out your last name.

You don't need your name there at all. Your name is already clearly visible. This is work, not a party.  Aside from opening yourself up for scams by presenting your last name, you are missing the chance to get right to the point. If you were in a hurry which would you rather see, "Hi, I am Blah, Blah Blah" Or "I am fast, efficient Wordpress expert who can quickly give you content and images that will ehance your business. Let's see what I can do for you."

Your choice.

Thank you, Anthony.


can you please check mine. 

I'm getting less interview than before. I wonder If my profile is professional enough or not. 

thanks in advance. 


You have probably noticed that I can be very picky. This is partly because your English could improve a little and I don't like to make changes without explaining why.

So: Stray thoughts: Your introductory video is very nice. I liked it. But it is long and it doesn't show off your skills at special effects and features very well. So keep it, but replace that with something shorter and fancier when you get a chance.

Your rate is too low. I understand this is done to attract the first couple of customers, but you could surely start at $15 per hour. It shows more confidence.

Your write up needs white space. It's too crowded together. You have to put in some space between paragraphs.

You should fix a few things. Don't use capital letters for TEXT and MY JOB. Write TEXT with a capital T to match your other listings and put MY JOB in lower case in italics. It will look better.

Write out Youtube ... instead of YT.


Erase this sentence: I have completed a professional video editing course from a local institution here in Dhaka.

Why do that? You are here as an expert. I am a writer. I don't say "I took a course in English grammar when I was young." That just looks odd. All video editors took a course somewhere, so just cross that sentence out. It looks childish.


Help full is one word: helpful. 


Erase "Also Don't hesitate to knock me on inbox" Replace that with "Don't hesitate to get in touch."


Cross out the rest and replace it with "I'm always available to talk ... would love to hear more about your project. Thank you!"


OK, those are pretty picky items, but your profile is really fine.  There's nothing wrong with it, but it will look more professional if you fix those little, nagging items.


So here is something that will really give you a boost: Cut and paste this and put it at the very top of your write up:

From an early Upwork review:


"Mahinoor was very diligent and professional, and made revisions without any trouble. I'd love to work with her again. Her video editing was top notch! Highly recommended!"


Cut and paste all that and put it up where everyone can see it. Put all of your write up below that. Why? There is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- that will bring in business more than a previous customer saying they would love to work with you again. 

Hope that helps. 

Hi Anthony, can you just spend a few minutes on my profile and share your feedback please?



Hello Mike... How are you?

Please, review my profile... https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~011eeb09fc27abb4d9