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Re: Profile

Community Guru
Abinadab A Member Since: Sep 26, 2016
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Ogunmokun, remove the "low price" from your profile.

Clients are not interested in the lowest prices, but in freelancers who will solve their problems.

Which are you?

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Ogunmokun K Member Since: May 26, 2019
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Thank you! I really appreciate.
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Jane L Member Since: Oct 22, 2020
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 Hello Abinadab,

Could you please review my profile? I am new to Upwork

Thank you in advance

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Musadiq A Member Since: Feb 6, 2020
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Hi everyone,

I'm new freelancer. I don't know how to make an attractive profile. Can you give me suggestion that I make my profile attractive?. Thanks in advance

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Zygimantas K Member Since: Apr 19, 2020
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Hello Musadiq A, welcome to UpWork!


I checked your profile and everything seems great except your description. While reading it I was able to see that the structure of your sentences was not so great. I think that a stronger and a more professional description could make your profile more uniqe and more appealing. 


To fix that I would advise you to write a more in depht description and run it through Grammarly Smiley Happy 

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Musadiq A Member Since: Feb 6, 2020
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Norman S Member Since: Aug 20, 2020
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Hi. I already wrote to the community but I want to ask you personally, could you also check my profile if I already got approved? I don't know how things goes around here


Thank you in advance 

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Robert - Member Since: Oct 1, 2020
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 Hi, and thank you for the profile review.


I'm an HR and Talent Acquisition consultant. I specialize in helping small and medium sized companies get off the ground and grow with programs such as handbooks, building a recruiting function, policy, and strategy guidance.


I'd love some feedback. I know I need to work on some more portfolio examples.





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Sohel Ahmad R Member Since: Nov 8, 2019
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Will you give me some suggestions?

Upwork Staff
Nadja N Upwork Staff Member Since: Sep 4, 2020
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Hi Sohel Ahmad,

I glanced at your profile, and you're off to a great start. I'm also really glad to see you've already earned a Rising Talent badge!

I've noticed your availability is set to "As Needed - Open to Offers"; different freelancers use this to communicate different things so it can be a detractor to receiving relevant invites. Consider updating this, as well as a few of your skilll tags.

Sometimes clients aren't familiar with the toolset, but rather search for a type of service. Try to focus on this in your skill tags, and mention specialized tools/software in your overview.

Good luck with winning projects!