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Re: Get Profile Feedback from Experienced Freelancers on Upwork

Upwork Staff
Mike J Upwork Staff Member Since: Mar 18, 2019
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Hi New Upwork Freelancers!


Getting started on Upwork can take a lot of work and focus. To help make this process a little easier, we’ve created this post where you can request feedback on your profile. The Community is full of experienced Upwork freelancers who are passionate about helping others. These users will review your profile and provide feedback based on their experience.


If you’re interested in requesting help, make sure your profile visibility is not set to “Private” and then reply below. 


We’re excited to see how Community members can continue to help each other to grow!

Mike J. | Jr. Program Manager, Talent Success
Active Member
Marvellous O Member Since: Apr 14, 2020
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Would love this, please. Rv

Community Guru
Mary W Member Since: Nov 10, 2014
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Marvellous - I would suggest changing your picture to something a bit more professional.

Active Member
Marvellous O Member Since: Apr 14, 2020
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Thank you so much, Mary, I'd see to that right away.

Active Member
Bianca M Member Since: Mar 10, 2020
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Mary, with all my respect. Could you check my profile and provide me with feedback. I will appreciate it!
Thank you!
Community Leader
Atul S Member Since: Oct 10, 2019
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I am a member since last 1 year.i have passed upwork rediness test before 15 day's but stil i did not get e mail.if any one please review my profile.i wish to know there is any glitch in my profile?
Ace Contributor
Richard F Member Since: Sep 9, 2009
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You miss the point. Upwork is a gig, not a job. Yot need to search for jobs here and find them!

Community Guru
Randall S Member Since: Mar 20, 2017
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Hi, Bianca. Your profile is not yet public, so we can't see it yet.

Active Member
Dheeraj S Member Since: Sep 21, 2018
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Hi, Randall, Could you see my profile and provide me feedback, I will appreciate it 

Thank you

Active Member
Pearse J Member Since: Nov 9, 2020
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Help me check mine