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Get Profile Feedback from Experienced Freelancers on Upwork

Hi Community!


Getting started on Upwork can take a lot of work and focus. To help make this process a little easier, we’ve created this post where you can request feedback on your profile. The community is full of experienced Upwork freelancers who are passionate about helping others. These users will review your profile and provide feedback based on their experience.


If you’re interested in requesting help, make sure your profile visibility is not set to “Private” and then reply below. 


We’re excited to see how Community members can continue to help each other to grow!


Note: A previous version of this post was as the number of responses made it difficult to read and navigate. If you had not received a response yet to a request you made, please post again in this thread.

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Hi all,


This thread has been closed from further replies due to its size. We appreciate your participation in the Community and welcome you to continue the conversation here.


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Hey Lucy, please use all 15 Skills and add your Portfolio. Thanks!

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Hello there!


I am happy to be here, and allmost on the point of completing my 1st upwork project! Ohh, that feels good, I had many attempts in the past but this time... I nailed it 🙂


My problem is, I have a lot and quite varied experience, freelancing, business owner, Networking, software architect, proj manager ... I allways find it hard to narrow it down and present it attractively, though as comprehensivly as possible in my profile.


I would really appreciate some feedback on this, from experienced freelancers who basically  have made it to the other side.


thank you!

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Review my profile.

Community Member

Can I get a review? I'm new!!


Community Member

Hi Mike, 

Is it possible to take a look at my profile, and suggest some improvements that could be made?


Thank you very much in advance!

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Hi please check my profile and let me know what I need to modify or to fix thank you



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Hello Sir, 


Hope you are doing well and keeping safe. I am Sanjukta Ghosh from India. I will be really glad and grateful if you kindly review my profile and suggest some ideas, please. Thanks!


Here's my profile link - https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~018fe44ccfc5aa205c 

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Hi all,

Could you please review my profile and provide feedback? 


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Hi Mike,
I appreciate this initiative! I will be really glad if I got a review of my profile!

Thank you,

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  • Hello Mike 
  • I'm relatively new here I would love for you to go through my profile and tell me what I'm doing wrong as a beginner so I can get my first job 
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Very thoughtful of you. Would you please take a look at mine and help me improve.


update its 

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Can you please check my profile and suggest some improvements? 

And also I'm fresher, I am trying to get a job. And still, no job was found. What would you suggest about it?

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Welcome feedback for new profile: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/joshualamont


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Thank you for your kind gesture, trying to help newbies like myself to get the most out of Upwork. I'll appreciate you to take a look at my profile.

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I'm a beginner here on Upwork. I had joined in July but still struggling to get clients. I've sent many proposals but no reply. So, please I want a profile review on what am I doing wrong and how to improve.



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I am new to Upwork and trying to get my profile to attract my ideal clients.  Can you all take a look and give me some pointers and suggestions.




I'm not a big fan of rhetorical questions ... "Want to spend less time writing ...?" The people you are asking already know they want to spend less time writing .... so what's the point asking them?

Just assertively name your skills and services. "I am a writer with a background in biology who can provide you with ..." 

Then tell people what they will gain from hiring you. "You will be able to spend more time in the lab and less time at your desk." 

But that's just me. Some people like rhetorical questions -- not me. I think they waste people's time and sound like a cheap, late-night television commercials,


That said, I think in your first sentence you use the word "then." Tsk, tsk. Be a writer. The word you want is "than." The word "then" signifies a place in time. The word "than" is used when comparing two things. "This is better than that."


Lastly, when you say "Biologist with data visualization, research and writing experience," you are, essentially, asking the client to choose what you do or what you want to do. That puts the onus on your clients -- like walking into a store and the proprietor says, "I can fix your car or sell you shoes -- what do you want?" The client is going to think, "I want you to tell me what you do well, not ask me to decide."

That's how freelancing works best. Yes, people will hire you for random contracts if you just say "I'm a smart person ... what do you want me to do?" But freelancing works best if you say, "I am a writer who specializes in biology and academic wriring involving natural sciences ..." or something like that. You'll get more work with that approach than with "I'm a biologist who is available for all kinds of things ..."

All that said, Upwork has a policy that forbids helping students with their academic work. It's considered a form of enabling -- helping do someone else's homework. So, you might want to check out that policy and make sure you aren't putting yourself at risk here. 

Hope this helps.

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Community Member

Hello sir,


Would be immensely grateful if you could please take look at my profile and suggest improvements.




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Hi Mike, 

hope you are doing great , 


can you please suggest my profile ? i had been working since many months but  no one are responidng on my bid . 


Community Member

Would you please take a look at my profile and suggest some improvements? 

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Hello, I am new on this platform. I have 3 questions. 1)Can you please check my profile and let me know what I should have to improve? 

2) Can I request my client(out of upwork) to give me her job through upwork.. Will it be the correct way? 

3) I have some non upwork clients.. But they don't have any linkedin profile.. But they have their own website.. Is there any chance to show their feedbacks about my works on my profile? 

My apologies if I am asking too questions. 🙏


First of all, your rate is much too low for your skill level. In that regard, low rates invite scammers and amateurs. So raise your rates quickly.

Secondly, Chandrani, this is your time to sell!!!! You're being way too modest. You are an excellent artist with great skill and creative flair ... strut your stuff. Don't be shy. This is the place to crow a little. Put some more energy and confidence in it.

Thank you. 

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Hi Delway, you are Top Rated, I would say you are doing great. Your profile looks good. Might need you at some point! 

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Hi Mike can you help me to improve my profile.




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Hi, I'd like somebody to rate my profile and also tell me the scope of improvement


Abdul Basit
Community Member

Hola! Muchas gracias por esta tremenda iniciativa, por fa

vor alguien podría darme una retroalimentación de mi perfil.... muchas gracias

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Kindly take a look at my profile if it's okay. Thank you.

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Hi Friends, Could you please review my profile?

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I appreciate your kindness, in trying to help newbies like myself succeed on Upwork. Would you please review my profile on what am I doing wrong and how to improve?


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Hi! I've been away for years because I pursued a dream and a different set of skills medically. Now I want to work online again. My previous work experiences was general and now I'm planning to pursue a medically-inclined virtual work. Do I have to create a new profile or keep this old account? Please advise. Thank you. 

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Hello, can you view my profile and give feedback on it?


Look above at what I said to Hamza. I have no idea what you are selling? Generally, freelancers are selling a service. I have no idea what service you are offering and why I would gain anything from hiring you.

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hi, can you check my account and suggest improvements?



It's great that you're a biologist, but what services are you selling? You sound like a smart fellow, but I have no idea what you're selling, so why would I be interested in your profile?

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Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing great!


Could you please take a look at my profile too? 

Community Member

Hi, Mike J

Would you please take a look at my profile and suggest some improvements?

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Would be super grateful if someone could provide feedback on my profile? The biggest thing I'm struggling with is making my profile look appealing without previous clients to show off in my portfolio or testimonials.

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