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Get Profile Feedback from Experienced Freelancers on Upwork

Hi New Upwork Freelancers!


Getting started on Upwork can take a lot of work and focus. To help make this process a little easier, we’ve created this post where you can request feedback on your profile. The Community is full of experienced Upwork freelancers who are passionate about helping others. These users will review your profile and provide feedback based on their experience.


If you’re interested in requesting help, make sure your profile visibility is not set to “Private” and then reply below. 


We’re excited to see how Community members can continue to help each other to grow!

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Community Manager

Hi all,


This thread has been closed from further replies due to its size. We appreciate your participation in the Community and welcome you to continue the conversation here.


Thank you!


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I see, tell me if this works https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~016b8c66228f826b16

If it doesn't, I will have to reach support 😞

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Sergio, your profile reads well. Consider changing your availability to less than or more than 30 hours. This will give your potential clients an idea of available hours. Next, consider making a short (1 min) introductory video. Lastly, change specialize profile or all work. At present, the overview section in both profiles reads exactly the same and yet the hourly rates are different. 


Hope this helps. Good luck!!




Hy everyone, i am new on this platform and i need to learn how can i improve my Profile in quick time. Actually, i recently completed order on this platform. But my client said i must work on my Profile to engage more Customers. Tell my some **Edited for Community Guidelines** to earn success here 


Toor K wrote:

Hy everyone, i am new on this platform and i need to learn how can i improve my Profile in quick time. Actually, i recently completed order on this platform. But my client said i must work on my Profile to engage more Customers. Tell my some **Edited for Community Guidelines** to earn success here 


Hi Toor, a profile shouldn't just be a description of what you do, and yours mostly just reiterates what is in your title. You need to describe what you do that's unique, how you work with the client, and what you will provide that will help the client achieve what they want. You need to put yourself in the client's shoes and think about what they need to hear to hire you. You also need to work on the writing in your profile, as it's poorly written in English, so perhaps you can have someone who has more English proficiency help you clean it up. 


If you are trying to be a sports content writer, then you need to have a portfolio that shows some of your work. If you have previous clients or employers you can get testimonials to help lend credibility to your profile as well. 

can someone clarify my mistakes that i have done in making my upwork profile. please rate it and tell me what is resisting me in getting projects.

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big oofs

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Hi, I would love someone to view my profile and give me feedback. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

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Hi Upwork Community!

I am an new freelancer on Upwork. I am starting with creating some new Upwork Project Catalog. I want to ask how can I rank or get my first order on my project as a new freelancer?

Thank you.

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Hi, I am struggling to land my first gig. I believe I am excellent at writing. I have a few happy clients outside of this platform. I just cannot seem to score a job here. Time is running out for me because I have been around for two years without even one job. Please help.

Rose S wrote:

Hi, I am struggling to land my first gig. I believe I am excellent at writing. I have a few happy clients outside of this platform. I just cannot seem to score a job here. Time is running out for me because I have been around for two years without even one job. Please help.

A freelancer offering website development does not have to have a perfectly worded profile, that's excusable if English is not his first language. For a writer, that does not apply. You need to rework your profile, it's repetetive, and you start every paragraph with "I" which is not a great look. There is an overall sloppiness about it. 

How many proposals have you written?

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its been over a year since i am on upwork however I have not been able to book any job please help

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Kanwaljeet, Your profile is not public. Provide a link if you'd like someone to review it. 

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Would you pls help me check my profile and provide me with honest feedback? Here is my profile link.
Thank you!

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Pooja, you are off to a great start. Consider doing an introductory video (1 minute long).  Although I don't see any major deficiencies, there are several minor areas. The word count in the overview section is precious. I wouldn't want to waste it on details that can be found elsewhere e.g. "I'm Pooja from India". Unless you are targeting clients from a specific geographical region, location is unnecessary in the overview section. "I'm new to Upwork" might not be a necessary detail for a potential client. I'd encourage you to review your profile to provide relevant content to the client. Lastly, try to get some certifications in your area of work. It is not required to get started but it definitely helps in getting long term clients and larger contracts. 

Hope this helps; Good luck.   

Thanks a lot! 🙂

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Thanks for offering to help. I would like to get feedback on my profile please.
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Hey everyone,
Can an experienced upworker check my profile and see what is wrong with it 🤔 😕 please it's been several months now since I haven't received any job
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Hi i am new here. I need help, can you tell me how can I know is my account approved?
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I am trying my best since last 3 months to get some work here on upwork,but I think no one is serious to give me any work,rather than I have lost about 400 connects,which is very dissapointing.I have 5 star rating in my couple of job succesfully done before here in upwork,I am writing a professional Cover Letters too as seen in the videos of upwork support.This is very very frustrating for me.Can anybody help me out?

Dear Upwork team,plz, note that I am using Upwork since 3 ago but I can't meet the client on this platform I am really confused what is the reason i can't get the client or any project if any issue with the profile plz tell me or plz solve it it this issue it urgently.thanks,

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Still am not getting single project in graphics design

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I don’t know if I’m too late for this but I’d love to get some feedback
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Would love for somebody to take a peek at my profile and see what they think! Was wondering if I put too much of my work experience on my profile and whether it's better to leave it off?

Hi Emma W, I have reviewed your profile. you have a nice and clear description.

I would suggest you complete 100% of your profile. I can't see any testimony, any certificates in your profile. Try to add those.

Other than these, You have built a good profile so far.

Btw, I've also started my journey in Upwork recently, It would be great if you review mine and share if anything you notice wrong or can be upgraded.



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I like it
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Hey, I am a newbie on Upwork having skills in writing articles, blog posts, and many more. I have applied for several jobs but didn't a single one. Can someone help me out that what should I do to win my first project as a content writer?

I'm almost giving up on upwork.Why can't I get projects/interview invites despite my numerous applications? please someone review my profile and advise.
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Hi Mike, 

Thank you for the useful advice, is it possible you could check my profile? I´m new to the platform and I haven´t been able to get any proposals, I understand is for the lack of experience but how am I getting my first one if this is a fundamental criteria? I´ll be waiting for your answer!

Thank you

My best, 


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Hello Sir

I am Sadia Rafiq From Pakistan . I am a data entry and graphic designing expert. Dear sir i have posted 22 purposals but didn't get a job i m trying my best i am working day and night but failed plz see my id and give me a feedback because it is very important for my career.

**Edited for community guidelines**

I would love for someone to have a quick look at my profile. Any and all feedback is very welcome and appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

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Megan, your profile is well-written and includes testimonials. You are off to a great start. Consider adding more keywords to the skills list. Also, a quick search indicates that it is possible to hire a top rated transcriber for as low as $7! I'd encourage you to do some market research about pricing for transcribing jobs. But it will help you identify your niche. Lastly, It would help to have an introductory video or a portfolio. (You could simply have samples from your own social media accounts, if you are just starting out in that field & do not have a formal portfolio.)


Good luck, I am rooting for your success!!

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Hello, please I need clarification in starting up work and getting hired. I have an active proposal what next. I also need help to burst my portfolio. 

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Hello guys,

This is my 1st day as a freelancer at upwork. I need a data entry job. Can you give me tips and support me to get my job. That would really helpful.

Thank you,


Dewapriya D B N H

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Hello all,

Hope you all are doing well,

I am a new Upwork user and I have passed the 'Upwork readiness test' and got a 'rising talent' badge on my profile.

then also I don't get replies to my proposals.

It would be great if you guys review my profile and give me some good feedback to help me for getting projects on Upwork.


Thanks & Regards,

Jignesh Patel

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Dear community, refreshing healthy discussions. Just began my freelancing career as content specialist. Though have extensive experience outside Upwork. When to expect work? Have applied for so many assignments. 46 of the 55 applied for positions still like beacon-light. The new entrants need to be somewhat prioritized, though they lack those lucky stars.

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Please review my profile. Thanks
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Greetings to All !  I would request to review my profile and suggest any improvement. I also would like to know whuch technologies are hot and in demand. I am thinking of brishing up on Django + React Full stack dev..  Please recommend.  Thank you..  

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Sukhendu, with 623 hours already- that's a great start. I noticed that you have extensive experience in this field but the profile does not portray it very well. Consider developing a specialized profile and 'all work'. In particular, pay attention to the skills list. Consider changing your availability to hours. This will give potential clients a good sense of your time. You mention you have a blog. I am not sure if connecting blogs is allowed for Upwork profile. But you can take some content from the blog and add it on LinkedIn as articles. You can then connect Upwork profile to LinkedIn. At present, a potential client has no idea of the quality of your work. Lastly, I fear that you may have priced your services too low!! A quick search indicates that data scientists have hourly rates in three figures. Although one might want to keep rates low at the beginning, extremely low rates raise questions about the quality of work. I encourage you to do a market search. 

Hope this helps. Good luck, I'm sure you will get good projects on this platform.         

Hello Aditi,  Thanks a lot for your detailed reply. Yes, I will add more experence with right skills onmy profile. Will link LinkedIn and Uowork profile. Yes, will increase my hourly rate gradually as I gain more experience as data scientist. But median hourly wages are about USD34 for data scientist in USA.  Could you please tell me what skills are in demand now.  I appreciate your time and help.  With best wishes and Regards - Sukhendu

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