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Community Guru
Aditi J Member Since: Jul 28, 2015
2011 of 2,029

Suman, you have a well-written profile. Few suggestions: 1. The overview section for specialized profile is well-written but 'all work' needs to be revised to focus on services you offer. 2. There is redundancy in the overview section and video. Some redundancy helps is reinforcing the point. However, consider revising the overview section. 3. Skills list has less than 10 words. Consider adding more words. 

I believe, you are doing well on this forum. Good luck.   

Ace Contributor
Suman B Member Since: Mar 17, 2021
2012 of 2,029

Hi Aditi,


Thank you very much for review my profile. I have implemented all the points as per your suggestion. It was very important to review my profile. So that I can rectify my faults.



Thanks Again

Suman B.

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Adil K Member Since: May 12, 2021
2013 of 2,029

Kindly consider my profile also. I have applied for too many jobs but there is no progress yet.

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David A Member Since: May 15, 2020
2014 of 2,029
I would love this, please go ahead and give your review
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Amit S Member Since: Apr 30, 2018
2015 of 2,029



Posting again since there was no response to my last request, already tried to improve few things after reading suggestions to other's profiles, maybe this time someone can review and give me feedback.




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Vincent W Member Since: Jun 11, 2021
2016 of 2,029

Hi, my profile is visible to all. however, I have not gotten any job to work on. Please help 

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Saba K Member Since: Jun 11, 2021
2017 of 2,029

Hii, I have a problem every time I bid on some offer it is rejected by upwork and my connects goes to waste.

I don't know how to tackle this issue.

Please help me to resolve this issue.

Thank You.

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Musonye I Member Since: May 1, 2021
2018 of 2,029

Hi, kindly check mine.

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Stephen M Member Since: Feb 12, 2021
2019 of 2,029

I would very much love and appreciate that.

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Laura D Member Since: Jun 11, 2021
2020 of 2,029
I would love if you all could check my profile and let me know what needs to change. I'm just starting and would appreciate all feedback.