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Get paid without time tracking on

Hello could you please tell me how could I get paid for hours I have been working but I did not know about time tracking and I did not turn it on.


You are supposed to use the time-tracker. But you are very new and you didn't know to use it.

That's okay!


The important thing is that we learn from our mistakes and don't repeat those same mistakes again in the future.


As for the work you did already, you may log manual time if your contract allows it.


Just navigate to the work diary screen and click the "plus" icon (+ in a circle) and add manual time for the appropriate time period.


If you can't log manual time (because the client disabled that option), then you may send a SHORT note to the client in which apologize for your your mistake in not using the time-tracker, and you ask the client to use the client-side "Send bonus" tool to pay you.

Oh, great. Thank you for the update.

Is there any limitation od SEND BONUS tool because I have worked like 4
weeks till now.

Thank you again,

There is NO LIMIT to the amount of money a client can pay using the Send Bonus tool.


Also: Keep in mind that all bonus payments are voluntary and on the honor system. So... use that if necessary this time, but don't rely on this.

Yes, sure.

Thank you so much. Next time first thing is time tracing on.

What should I do if I am working through my phone?

re: "What should I do if I am working through my phone"


You can use manual time if you work exclusively through a mobile phone/smart phone.


Some Upwork freelancers work on their mobile phone, but connect it to a desktop computer and track time using the desktop-time tracker. For example, using Mirroring360 (https://www.mirroring360.com/)