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Getting Started on Upwork

Community Manager
Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hello new user, welcome to Upwork!


If you're a freelancer looking to offer your professional services to clients, we've hand-picked high-profile Community discussions and compiled a list of educational resources and webinars, to guide you through the process of building your profile and fast-tracking your freelancing business. 


If you're a client looking to find and hire the right freelancer for your job, you came to the right place! We prepared the following resources to help you navigate Upwork and enhance your hiring experience.


These resources are vital for newbies to get familiar with the platform, develop essential skills and pave the path to their success on Upwork.





Freelancer Quick Start Guide

Learn what it means to be a freelancer and how you can start building your freelance business on Upwork in only a few minutes.


Freelancer Webinars

Jumpstart your business on Upwork with live, interactive webinars.


Freelancer Guide 

In a nutshell, seeing the impact this guide had on successful freelancers I've communicated with over the years, this is the holy book of freelancing.



Safety First!

Tips to Avoid Questionable Jobs

Protecting Against Malware

Job Warning Signs

Trust & Safety FAQ

Resources to Help Keep Your Information Safe

Advice on how to work safely, identify activity in violation of Upwork ToS and protect your business.





Client section of Upwork Help Center

Complete knowledge base offering easy access to integral information or a solution you need as a new client. This Help article is a good starting point.


Client Quick Start Guide


Trust & Safety FAQ

Short overview and FAQ designed to help you get started as a client on Upwork. 


Client Webinar

Attend a live and interactive webinar hosted by Upwork designed for new clients.


Happy Upworking!