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Getting Traction

I have trying to go full time FL by using UpWork as my "foot in the door" and am just honestly stuck at what I am doing wrong. While my account has been around for a couple of years I have just now concentrating my efforts here for about a month or so. I feel like I have a compelling proposal. I go below the price range but do not totally low-ball, and have good portfolio pieces as a designer. Is anyone able to possibly share a glaring issue that I am missing?


Hi Ian,


I know that it can be disappointing when you don't hear back from clients after consistently submitting proposals. We want to help freelancers to win jobs, but we can't always guarantee that this will happen as soon as possible. Hiring a freelancer is up to the client and we can't influence their decision on whom they will hire. It may take some time to win jobs especially if you are just starting, but I hope that this doesn't discourage you to continue applying to jobs you're interested in. Here are some tips to help  you improve your profile and write proposals: 


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You can find more helpful resources here.

~ Joanne
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