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Getting disappointed day by day...by the Boosting system!!! What to do!?


This is the notification status nowadays... 

I literally got confused about what would be the best time/way/method of sending a proposal! Or, how to win work!? Every day I just spending Connects/money but no feedback/return!

The system has been updated and will continue updating every day... for users! ...for a better output than before! 
But it can't be like this way that if I wish to Bid a proposal, even with a few extra Connects to reach the top lines, there is no way! the updated system has uncertainty!
This is the Top platform for freelancing, in our world! So, if it is only about counting some extra money by spending connects, then @UpWork should find a better way for it! My apologies if I got the wrong point!
In my perception, connect system had a valid reason... and it works! ...but what is the boosting system stand for!?

I mean, without spending/paying money, @UpWork gave me thousands of dollars... but now spending/paying money/connects!! for the same reason/earning! but no return... less earning!!

Or, am I missing something!? Looking forward to hearing advice from experts/seniors!

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