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Re: Getting my first Job

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Paras K Member Since: Aug 5, 2020
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I want to get started with Upwork. I got a Freelancer Plus membership and have made around 13 proposal based on my job and my skill-set. I am running out of the 20 free connects and the added 70 connects. I don't seem to even be getting one response from the site. Is it true that new freelancers can't get good job on Upwork. Should I be applying to the Entry level positions (as I actually am an intermediate level) to increase my chances? Or Is there anything wrong with my profile?


Community Guru
Robin H Member Since: May 28, 2019
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A Freelancer Plus membership doesn't guarantee getting a job. I subscribe because of the monthly connects and I can view the low, medium, and high bids on jobs.


It can take some time to land your first job. Possibly months. 


As for your profile, it's OK. Nothing great. Nothing that stands out. Remove your name from the first sentence as it is already on your profile. Start with what you can do for the client. Why choose you over the thousands of other web developers? Your title should also stand out. Like "Need a website built? Yes I can!" Cheesy but it may get you attention. And you can always change it if it doesn't work. 


Good luck to you!

Upwork Staff
Mike J Upwork Staff Member Since: Mar 18, 2019
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Hi Paras,


Welcome to Upwork! Robin provided some great information. With your profile, make sure to focus on the end product you deliver. Many clients don't know what skills or programming languages are needed for their projects. Therefore, you don't want to simply list skills like "Front end development" as this may not be meaningful to the client.


I also want to share some additional resources with you after having reviewed your profile and recent proposals:

I hope this helps!

Mike J. | Jr. Program Manager, Talent Success