Getting no project despite very good profile

Hello all Upworker's, I hope you all are doing good. 


I am looking at you all for help. 


I have been active user of Upwork previously Odesk since 4.5 years and I have always struggled for getting projects of website design. But situation has become very worst for me since last 1.5 years.  


just to let you know all I have all time earning of 20k+ USD with 70+ projects with 100% success rates still my this year I have been hired only time from new client.  It is more painful when I have very amazing portfolio and still I am never interviewed. I don't understand what is happening. 


What does client's wants if they don't like good portfolio, established profile with good reputation ?


http://joxi.ru/Vm6Z9VEiDVNZMm this are my stats,   my profile is viewed just little more than average, interview and hiring % is very low. 




This is my profile, It will be very good if some one can help me in getting projects. 






The only problem I can see is the level of English you mention in your profile. You may want to state this on a more realistic level. Favourably viewed it is fluent, realistically conversational. Hence clients might forsee communication problems.

Thanks for reply, 


I have changed it to Fluent. 


Any other change would you like to recommend ?




Personally, I would restructure your profile, re-write it with better English and proper sentence structures. It just needs to be polished more.