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Got Scam | After completing my job cleint refund their payment

I got a scam today on Upwork!

2 weak Before I started a new journey on Upwork after sending 40+ proposals I got invited by a job randomly client need a PUBG UC. 

I thought that UPWORK is the safest platform ever but I am wrong. I complete my job successfully and the client gave me a 5-star review and block me after 1 weak I don't know how Upwork sent me a msg that your payment refund the client :(. I am so depressed right now 

I don't know why Upwork give an option to client to refund their payment after completing their project 

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I feel sad for you and am sorry you are depressed but It's only safe if you use it correctly. You broke the rules so you got scammed. Upwork should do a better job of EXPLICITLY and REPEATEDLY warning people about scams BEFORE they are allowed to have accounts, or are ever allowed to apply for a job. Complain all you want but your money is gone and no way you will ever get any of it back.

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It's painfully obvious from reading the job post that it's a complete scam. Why did you think that you'd make so much for doing a few minutes of work, for which you have no previous experience or qualifications? You don't get money for nothing. 


From looking at the client's other projects, they've scammed at least two other freelancers as well. They hired one freelancer to give them a fake review on Fiverr (where they're undoubtedly also running this scam), and the total for that project is now showing as $3,448. Be thankful that you weren't scammed for that amount of money - we'll no doubt be seeing this freelancer in the forum shortly.


For anyone who's lulled into a false sense of security if a client has a verified payment method - or even good reviews - this should be a wake-up call. Scammers are verifying their payment methods now, and paying dishonest freelancers to leave them fake reviews for legit-looking projects. Whether the payment method is verified or not, there's no substitute for using your common sense. And as for the freelancers who are accepting money to give fake reviews - shame on you. I've reported the freelancer above, and if Upwork is paying attention, he'll be banned along with the client.

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Community Manager

I'm sorry to learn about your experience, Billu. 

As a gentle reminder, please note that users cannot offer and accept payments outside of Upwork since this is a violation of the Upwork Terms of Service. It would also be best to visit these articles for more information on how you can keep in line with Upwork's Terms of Service when engaging on the website:

In the meantime, it would be best if you read up on the "Safety First!" section of the freelancer resources we have compiled, these tips for avoiding questionable jobs, these articles and this Community post for more information about working safely through Upwork. 

~ Avery
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