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Got my first client after trying for an year


After more than 75 proposals,I got my first client last month.


I was expecting that my profile will since shoot up but nothing of that sort has happened.


I submit customised proposals to every job in the range of 5-7 lines.


Suggestions are welcome 


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There is no reason to expect your profile to be "shooting up". It will always be difficult to find clients, not expecting that to change is your best strategy.  

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what you did for 1 year. and what you suggest to newcomers what  not to do 

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One thing I would advise people is to buy connects. Upwork is a business (your profile, that is), so there are expenses to help it survive and become sustainable. Connects is such an expense.


Also, you're not entitled to success. Everyone has a hard time finding new, quality clients. 

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