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Having an issue with financial details

I may just be having trouble finding the e-mail address to send questions related to customer support, but I may as well ask here. I joined Upwork only recently and have been having trouble entering my financial details. This was caused due to setting up "Jonathan H" for my account name, which is my first name and initial of my last name, and then entering my debit card with the full name. I didn't think the discrepency would cause a problem, but it has. The website requires I now verify my identification by giving a photograph of my offical US ID, which is no problem. But it also needs a statement, which is a problem, due to the fact that I'm currently in NY due to a loss in the family, and any statements I have are in Florida. I created the Upwork account here, in NY, and so I gave NY as my current state with my families home as the address, since I won't be returning to Florida for some time. To complicate matters further, when I return to Florida I am not sure where I will be staying, because I had to move out of my previous residence, so technically I have no official residence right now, just in a kind of limbo. I'm at a loss about what to do so I figured I'd just ask for help. I tried to use the "Get Support" button and tried to send a message directly about this issue by asking if I could speak to someone, but I have yet to receive a responce in my e-mail on this issue. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi Jonathan,


Thank you for your message. You can still upload the statement even if it does not match your current address of residence as long as it is from the same country. You financial account would be accepted as soon as you clear the verification.


Thank you



Thanks Pradeep.


The only statements I have from my bank are online. Can I take a picture of the statement on my laptop?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jonathan, 

You can submit the digital version and upload it accordingly. If there are issues with the statement or further questions regarding your account, the team will reach out to you directly. 

~ Avery
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