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Having problems with completing profile

Unable to add my education.  No suggest for Certificate in the drop down.  There are 2 areas to enter my street address. One is greyed out.  I am not able to enter the required information there.  My computer is not recognizing the Screenshot.

I cannot search for jobs without completing my profile. Please help.

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check here

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Hi TJ,

You should be able to start typing your address in the address field that is not grayed out, and it will autopopulate the field which is currently unavailable (grayed out).

With regard to education, you can check this thread that Mahamat shared for information on suggesting custom certificates.

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I am having the same problem.  I cannot add my university as it is not in the list.  It is a major university and it doesn't make sense that it's not there...

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Leslie, 

Could you please share the university you were trying to add so that I can replicate this for you?

~ Avery
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