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Hello. I am interested why i can’t see rising talent badge on my page ?

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Because you haven't passed the Upwork Readiness Test.  The requirements are as follows:

I had one , but it disappeared.

Thanks for answer
Mike , but i had one , and now it disappeared .

It's likely because one of your clients (or both) didn't give you very good feedback when the contract was ended.

Thanks fir answer Hiu Chun, the deal is that i have for 4 , two of them are completed eith good review and two other are still in progress.

There is a possibility that the client gave you a 5-star public review with a not-so-good private review. I'm not suggesting your clients did exactly this, but there is a possibility.


After you complete two or three more projects, you will likely receive the job success score, and you will know at that time. 

Thanks very much.
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