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Hello Team,I have a doubt regarding the client ''Edited''. Please help

Hello Team, There is a fraud client named **Edited for community guidelines**

who is giving so much test work to the freelancers and saying it is for $5. I checked his profile and there is only transaction of $5 for multiple freelancers. I think he is taking the benefits of new freelancers.


**Edited for community guidelines**

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Hello. If you think a job is suspicious, flag the upworker using the flagging system. You will find it on the right-hand column on job adverts.


Edited: As Preston says below, it may not be a suspicious job. There are many jobs like this throughout Upwork. But if you do see something you are really concerned about, just flag it so the Upwork team can take a look, rather than posting it here. 


Note:Community guidelines say not to post the names of people. Your post will be edited for community guidelines soon. 

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If a client is hiring freelancers to do fixed-price tasks for $5.00, then the client is NOT breaking any Upwork rules.


The minimum fixed-price job contract amount is $5.00.


The minimum hourly rate on Upwork is $3.00/hour.


If you saw that a client hired multiple freelancers at a rate of $3/hour, and asked each of them to work for 10 minutes, then you would see multiple contracts for which the client paid 50 cents each.


It sounds like you are describing a client who is paying 10 times more than is necessary in order to hire freelancers to do small tasks.


If you see a client violating Upwork ToS, then you SHOULD definitely flag that client's job post as inappropriate or otherwise report the client to Upwork. But you can't flag a client for following the rules.


I saw the screenshot you posted - showing job after job for which freelancers gave the client a 5-star rating and wrote highly complimentary feedback. It is not clear to me what your concern is.

Manu, clients can take advantage of new freelancers only if the freelancer is willing to be taken advantage of. As long as the client actually pays $5 and the freelancer agreed to work for $5, there’s no fraud.
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