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Hello everyone

I'm Cathy a newbie to upwork and looking forward to learning more about this community. I have a general payments inquiry on a project I completed last month. The amount is showing in my lifetime billed tab but not in my billings and earnings tab yet. Do I need to reach out to the client or does it take a certain amount of time to move into billings and earnings? Thanks in advance


Hi Cathy,


Welcome to Upwork and the Community! I'm happy to answer your question. As you mentioned, it does take a certain amount of time for those funds you see under "Lifetime Earnings" to move over to "Billings & Earnings." Essentially, what you see under Lifetime Earnings includes pending payments, like the one you're referring to, and what you see under Billings & Earnings is everything already paid to you. Once you receive those funds, they'll also become visible under Billings & Earnings. 

~ Luiggi
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