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Help ME! SOS!

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Paulomee D Member Since: Nov 23, 2016
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Two months, 60+30(Rising Talent Reward)+70 connects... Yet, 79 job proposals, not a single one accepted? How can that be possible!! For instance, there was a job for which less than 5 proposals were submitted. There were no bids, the job fresh from the oven. For logic's sake, I'm assuming I was the first one. After an hour I saw the client interviewing 3. (Simple maths! I was the fourth) At first, I thought there was a problem with my proposals. But I am getting jobs on other networks with the same bids and cover letters!! Last night my proposals (active and archived) vanished all of a sudden. I got a message "you haven't applied for any jobs yet"! Since then the site is down! I have been getting some weird error message for the last one month, my Profile page vanished, chatroom became inaccessible, Proposal tab wasn't clickable. I ignored them thinking they are temporary bugs. But after last night's incident, I talked to my developer husband to know if any bug can act up and he answered in positive! He further added that it may happen that the data my database isn't getting fetched to the client! So it's not something I am making up! I mean 79 jobs Upwork! For some, I was sure as a gun that I would get an interview call if not the offer itself!! And I did on other freelancing sites for almost same jobs!! Right now, no rising talent badge, job score dangling at 83%! (Tell me how can someone maintain a 100% job score when there's no work!) What in the world is happening? 

P.S. I have never violated any policies fyi.