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Help! Please review my profile

Hello!  I’m in desperate need of feedback.  I’m new to Upwork.  While I am excited about being a freelancer (I’ve never done this before) I am in an unknown place.  I’d like people to review my profile and tell me honestly how it looks, what I need to improve or change, etc...  I needed to take time off to assist my family, so you will see a gap in my work history but I’m ready to get back to work now. I want to work from home and I thought freelance would be the way to go. I’d love to get into either bookkeeping, being a virtual assistant or work on transcription but I do not have specific experience in either.  If you can, I’d like your advice on that too - how can I get into those careers with no experience.  I always welcome feedback because you cannot grow without it.  So thank you in advance for reviewing!  Have a great day! 

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First thing Your hourly rate is high according to your skills. & Secondly you Should learn the required skills from you tube or another plate form. It is easy to learn everything now a days. Just google it or search in youtube. show some passion for learn and earn. L_earn Right...

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If you have worked as a bookkeeper in the past then you should list that experience as well as the software programs (such as quickbooks) that you've used. That also gos for any type of transcribing work. This is NOT the place to learn those skills while working at jobs that needs those skills. There are hundreds of freelancers on here for have years of experience as bookkeepers, accountants and transcriber.


If you have a special skills, something that you already know how to do "forwards and backwards" that will set you apart for all the other freelancers, then you need to emphasize and concentrate on that. 

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