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Re: Help me to avoid being banned

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Md Asif H Member Since: Jun 20, 2020
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This my new account.


Yesterday I forgot that one year ago I signed up an upwork account with my another email.

Yesterday I was trying to create a upwork account with that email which was used before in upwork.

Then I saw there is an existing accouont.

Then I logged in on that upwork account with forgot password option.

After logging in I saw there is a not approved account which was not properly done or signed up.


So I logged out from that account, and created a new upwork account with a new email with my new updated skills.

Now I want to use this new upwork account. And I want to delete that previous account permanently to avoid being banned from upwork community.


Now in this what can I do ?


Please help me in this case.

I am really honest to use only one account.

Please help me to stay safe.


Thank You all !

Aleksandar D Moderator Member Since: Mar 23, 2019
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Hi Md Asif,


Could you please send me a private message with the Upwork username or registered email of your other account so that I can check and assist you further?

Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

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