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Help please. I'm not able to get any work.

I can't seem to get any work. I've tried changing my profile, creating a custom profile, took some advice from a pat discussion, and watcwd the last Upwork seminar on how to increase your chances of success.

Still nothing.

I'm a project manager/IT leader by trade, seeking freelance work in a similar arena. I've applied for project work, virtual assistance, and a few customer service roles.

I'm seeking any guidance on how to break past this wall and get some work.

Also, why isn't the PMP able to be used on your profile? It's not listed.
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When you say you cant get any work, how many jobs are you actually applying for? 


I sometimes get 1 job out or 3 or 4 that i apply for, other times (usually when i have no work and feel a little more desperate) i could apply for anywhere from 20-50 jobs before getting anything!


I dont know what the going rate is for your sector, but have you tried comparing your hourly rate with others that have similary little upwork experiance/history (but are actually getting a few jobs)?

I've never been able to find work on Upwork. Also, I have not compared my rate to others in my field. However, my rate was much lower at one point till someone recommended I increase it. Still no work.

I realise you have never been able to find work, but im trying to guage how many jobs you have actually tried for? are you applying for a lot of jobs? 1 or 2 a week? 10 a week? 20 a week? 30? 40?



As for your rate, i dont know who told you to put it up, but it may be worth seeing what others charge, bearing in mind you have no history at all on the platform you might need to get your pricing spot on first. If you are charging the same or more than people with loads of reviews then you are going to have a harder time finding work. 


Also, are the jobs you are applying to all big jobs? if so maybe you need to look at taking a few small jobs first just get your foot in the door so to speak.

Hmm. Good question. Well this week I've applied to a out 7 I believe. In the past maybe 3 to 4 a week. At one point, I did have a few people contact but nothing came of those contacts.


Well, based on that i would say you first need to check your rate is about right and then apply for as many jobs as you possibly can (just make sure they are all suitable though).

As said, i can send in 30+ applications sometimes before getting a job from it, and i have lots of feedback on my profile. As a new user it is going to take a lot of attempts, you need to stick at it and you should get there eventually.


But it is key to make sure you are right for the job and that stuff like your price and profile are good especially when you have no history.

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Hi Antonio, 


Can you send us your profile link?

You can click on his name to see his profile.

Omg I forgot about that option. Thank you 🙂


Antonio, I'm just visit your Upwork profile and there I can see very poor and short informations. Your General profile and also specialized profiles are very poor. You only tell what you are and how many years of experience you have. This is a big mistake. Potentional buyers want to know how you will help them if they use your services, they don't want to know how much years of experience you have. Delete this description from both profiles and write new with informations about services you offer. Also it would be great if you upload some portfolio on your profile. 

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i think your profile description is very short and doesn't interest anyone because nothing catch the visitor, other than that when you apply to a job you should show client that you have the experience you are talking about ( 20 years have a lot to tell ) 

also 75$ hourly rate is very expensive for a remote individual that is not known, so i recommand you working at rate 10$ to start with and gain some reviews

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Improve your profile, Antonio, and lower your rate - and be sure you write great proposals telling a client what you can do for them and leave out talking about yourself.

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