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Help with Freelance Stats

I'm trying to figure out why my job success rate is only 88% and my "clients would recommend" is only 80%.  I believe these low scores are preventing me from getting opportunities to interview.


I have been on Upwork since last March but only have had 5 clients - 2 long term (more than 100 hours), 2 short term (less than 2 hours) and 1 who never really used me.   I know my 2 long term clients rated me high and recommend me.


Some questions:

- A client hired me for a contract but then never assigned me work.  Is this affecting my job success rate?  Or clients that would recommend me percentage?


- I accepted a very small ($10) contract.   I doubt client bothered with any feedback.  Is this negatively impacting me?  


- I have an ongoing contract.  The client gave me a favorable rating and review several months ago.   I'm not about to ask them to review me again because it seems the only time they can is when they end a contract.  As I'm not getting any feedback, is this considered "excessive lack of feedback"?


Any suggestions on how to "jump start" my stats are appreciated.  Right now, I feel like I'm just waiting to get lucky because I think clients are filtering out my proposals since under 90%.

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Lots of questions here so I'll try to tackle most of them.  


* Clients do not see your "clients who would recommend you" score.  So no worries but it is intel into why you have a JSS of 88%

* The 88% shouldn't deter you from applying from jobs.  Plenty of clients will hire you given your experience and good overall feedback

* The fact that you're still rather new and have only a few jobs under your belt means every job affects your JSS even more.  The more you work, the less each job will affect the JSS individually 

* A job you accepted but were never paid on will affect JSS IF the contract closed without payment.  Not if it's still open.  Try to get some work out of the job even if it is a small project.  You may have to close this on your end at some point and take a hit on your JSS (how much will depend on how many jobs you've completed, private/public feedback on those jobs, etc.)

* The $10 contract is shown on your profile with written public feedback.  If the client closes the contract they will be prompted to provide private feedback - no way of getting around it.

* Don't be too concerned with the long-term contracts - as long as you were paid. 


Hope this helps!

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