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Help with creating profile

I cannot add any skills to my profile that I am trying to create. It asks me to select 3-10 skills from a 'list", but no list is available to select from

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Hello Alex,


Please type the keyword of the skill that you want to add to your profile. The list will automatically display as soon as you type something in the field. Please see screenshot attached.skillsSS.JPG

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You should maybe try to rewrite your skills. Sometimes your skills don't appear in the suggestions, especially if you write them in a different language than English. Try other combinations. Sometimes, you can't add more skills if you reach the limit. At this moment, try to remove some. 

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I am trying to set up my profile and stuck as selecting Skills.  Everything I try entering is not working.  I've tried several, such as Copyediting, Content Writer, and Web Researcher.  Any advice?

Hi Danielle,

I checked and I wasn't able to replicate your issue from my end, as entering the skills you mentioned in your post worked fine and I was able to successfully add any of those skills by simply typing them in the skills field.

Please try clearing your cache and if that doesn't help, then try to enter the skills from another browser. If the issue persists, please reach out with  the error message you are experiencing or a screenshot so that we can assist further, thanks Danielle!


I am unable to add skills to my profile for accounting. It says to pick a skill from list. What list?

Nothing works

Hi Dennis,

Please select the primary services you are offering to your clients, then try typing your skills directly into the skills box. The drop down list should appear not just by clicking the box but once you actually start typing in the box. If you are still unable to add your skills, please reach back out with the specific error that you are seeing so that we can further assist, thank you.


Trying to set up a profile, however it will not take anything in the skills tab and there is no list that is generating. Highlights in red and will continue without it. Any ideas to correct this would be wonderful

Hi Tina,

Please try the tips I shared previously in the thread with other user's experiencing this problem to see if that resolves it for you as well. If not then please let us know and we'll advise further.


I tried typing but nothing comes up. There is not a drop down list. It just says the skill is not recognised

I have tried typing anything to do with accounting. Nothing comes up


It doesn't  work. Nothing comes up under accounting for me. Nothing!

having the same issue.  There is no bookeeping, consulting anything to do with the skills I offer. Please advice

Hi Dennis and Tina,


I have checked both of your accounts and was not able to replicate the issue from my end for either of your accounts. I was successfully able to add the skills you mentioned that you attempted and were unable to successfully add, such as accounting and bookkeeping. What I would suggest is try clearing your cache and cookies as this, along with attempting to complete the profile from an alternate browser will often be enough to resolve the issue. If not, do reach back out and we will escalate this to the support team for further assistance.

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