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Blake M Member Since: Feb 24, 2017
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I am trying to find out a couple of things, and am experiencing great frustration browsing the community forums. It

is not obvious how to post a question, to anyone in particular, but yet, many apparently have. I have submitted half

a dozen proposals, over the last couple of months, and don't seem to have received any replies. I am not sure where

to look for possible replies. Messages seem to be just an online chat, chat room, or whatever. That only leaves my

personal E-mail, but I don't think a prospective client sees that. Have I missed something? Could one or two of them

be responding, but I don't know it? Or, is it that simply no one has responded yet?



                                                                              Blake Mitchell

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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You said that you have submitted "half a dozen" proposals over the last couple months.


"Half a dozen" is 6.


If you are a new freelancer on Upwork, 6 is not a lot.


Some freelancers submit dozens or a hundred proposals before getting hired for the first time.


I rarely submit proposals at all. Clients invite me to work for them. But when I started out, I had to submit many proposals, just like you will need to do.


By the way, you have no portfolio. That's not good. Many of the freelancers applying to the same jobs you are applying to DO have a portfolio.

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Reem H Member Since: Feb 8, 2017
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Hi Blake,

If a client messages you you will get notified (if your browser notifications are turned on and/or you have the Upwork app, you will see a notification at the bottom right....if not, you will see a number on your messages tab, then you click on it and it takes you to the messages)

if you reply to the client and things go well, they send you an offer (again available in messages) and you can accept or decline that

you can also see the status of the some of the jobs/proposals if you click on Find work> proposals then choose Archived (it'll tell you if the job is closed or the proposal was declined)

and no clients can't see your email.

If someone responded you'd know it Smiley Happy (just to be safe check your messages manually every now and then)

unfortunately, I don't think anyone has responded yet.
but don't despair it's usually tough for us newbies at first but it gets better

and I see you figured out the forum (?)

congratulations on your rising talent badge
and good luck!