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I just joined upwork and I am creating my profile. Your site will not allow me to upload my pic to my profile page on your site. I tried several times. Help!!!! I have sense deleted cookies and temps, but still no luck. I even tried with google chrome. No dice. Always get same error message, "We have detected some problems with your uploaded portrait image. We weren't able to detect your face. Please use a photo where your face is the main focus. When in doubt, use a photo that you would use for a passport. Please consider uploading a more appropriate portrait image." --- I have tried numerous photos where my face is very clear and large in the pic. This error don't make sense. The image type I use is always JPG file.

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Hi William,

Sometimes it helps to crop the photo so that it is just of your face and upper shoulders, however since you've already said your photo meets that guideline, can you please check if the image you're trying to upload is at least 250px by 250px?   Let us know if it still isn't working so we can assist further.


my pic is always sideways when i upload it to profile ----- never saves to profile ----- error message is the same as what I told you already ---- i dont know why it has always shown up sideways when uploaded --- please help ---- thanks ---- btw, pic size is 300 --- but no matter what size I make it, it dont matter ---- no dice


If the picture you are trying to upload was taken using a smartphone, the file may have some meta data attached to it which is causing it to upload sideways. In the past a Community member has shared this site with instructions to resolve this issue before. Hopefully, it'll help you as well.


thanks ---- I'll try that and let you know

I did exactly what you suggested and removed all data from my pics ---- pics still load sideways and then show error message ---- please find out what's wrong ---- I've wasted hours on this 

Hi William,

I've requested that one of our representatives reach out to you directly to assist you with this. They should be getting in touch shortly, thank you.


no one has gotten in touch with me yet ---- can you tell me what's going on?

Hello William,


I just checked your account and I could see that one of our representatives reached out to you already via ticket. You may check that here or through your email associated with your Upwork account. Thanks!

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