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Helping a friend recover her account

My friend needs help changing the email to her Upwork account as the email she used has been compromised and she no longer has the ability to access it. She can provide all the needed information to get her Upwork email changed as she has done all possible to try to get it back but no luck. 

I'm not sure if it's a violation for her to attach her account information using my access but just to be sure, I'll be waiting for a response on what she should do next or how she can message you on her end to provide all needed info. She does not want to risk creating a new account as she knows it's a violation.


I hope you can help us, her out on this.


Hi Kristy,


Thank you for your message. Could you please request the account owner to contact us so that we can assist them directly?


Thank you,



How does she get in contact with you guys? Does she create another account in upwork as she can't access her original one? 

Hi Kristy,


You can direct them to Upwork's social media profiles below. 



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