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Hi everyone, new freelancer here. Guidance appreciated.

Hello everyone,


Nice to meet you. For years I have been in the Workplace management space (Facilities Manager, Office Manager, Workplace Experience Manager). All jobs I have had in the past had me utilize extensive program and project management, leadership, budgeting and communication skills. I am not sure how to position my skills here on UpWork to secure  work though since what I used to do is viewed as so niche even though the skill sets needed to complete tasks were so broad. Any advice would be appreciated. 




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work hard key of succsess😚


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Hi Lorien, welcome to Upwork!


I was going through similar feelings when i first joined, not feeling a good fit for any typical job category.


Then i decided to spend some time every day, quickly scanning through as many job posts as i can, understanding the marketplace and what people are looking for.


I also used the search box, switching to search for talent, to find other people with similar skills, looking at their job history, understanding what type of jobs they are hired for. 


I hope this helps you and just don't forget to keep us updated when you reach your first 100K earnings 🙂

Thanks so much Alper. Great advice. 

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