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Hire Rate/Rising Talent/Inactive Contract



I have been submitting proposals regularly. My stats show that I am looked at "more often" than others but hired less. If anyone has a moment to look at my profile for feedback, it would be great. I have had several clients reach out through the messaging platform after submitting a proposal (resulting in my one awarded/current job), zero formal interviews, and zero invites to interview. Many of these jobs were never officially awarded to anyone and I think they were just browsing but not ready to actually pull the trigger.


I know I am new and am waiting for a Rising Talent invite to help boost my profile. I can't figure out why I haven't gotten one yet.


My current job has sort of fizzled out, she just isn't sending any work. She had a death in the family. My feel is she is just in the weeds and not very dependable. Based on the many relationships she has dropped in the past per the content of her email accounts I was asked to organize. How long do I keep this contract open without actively working?


I guess I am just looking for some direction. Thank you in advance!

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Hi Sara,


Welcome to Upwork!  The hardest part of the freelancing world is getting your first job.  Congratulations!  You're on your way.  


When it comes to profiles, note clients see the first 2-3 sentences so make them shine.  Have you reviewed others in your space who are top rated?  Their profiles may give you inspiration to make yours stand out.  Even though you're writing about yourself, try not to use so many "I's" in the first paragraph.  Also, if you claim to be "tech savvy" don't just be "comfortable" using those platforms.  Write that you're an expert!


I also noticed you have 2 work histories started in 2016 yet graduated college in 2006.  What did you do during those 10 years? 


Good luck!



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I am not good at judging profiles but I can tell you almost everyone has a profile that reads like a resume cover letter and if you have ever been on the receiving end of those you probably didn’t read them. Why?
Because they are all the same. I’m blah, I do blah, I’m great at blah. It’s almost no help in finding a job, I think it is even less help here.
Think about a client. What does a client want when they come to your profile? Chances are good they want a problem solved. If you are good at the things you do you probably know what problems they want solved. Does your profile tell them, quickly, that you will take their problems away?
Then the next thing your profile should say, IMO, is how you solve their problems better than anyone else.
Basically some variation of pick me because I will kick your problem’s behind!
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